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Our provincial government is supposed to spend public money wisely, and get the best return on investment. But that’s not how government is handling its information technology services.

In recent years, the number of in-house staff at the province’s Information Technology Division has been cut almost in half, while spending on private consultants has soared. And overall spending on IT has soared, too, far outpacing the growth of government.

Thanks to the contracting-out of IT work, Saskatchewan people are paying more than they should for a vital function of government. 

At a time when we’re facing tax hikes and service cuts, there’s no excuse for this waste of money. In-house government IT staff can do quality work for less cost, and with more accountability. 


Recently, an association of private IT companies has been meeting with the provincial government, seeking to increase the tens of millions of dollars in public money that they already collect each year. Instead of closed-door meetings with industry lobbyists, our government officials need to hear from those of us who pay the bills. 

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